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City Analysis Report - City Branding 2thinknow Innovation Cities


Product Description

How do you measure your success as a city in City Branding? How can you compare City Brands for investment globally?

This report will take you through how to model, measure and improve your city brand using a simple 3 stage model, and reams of supporting data points.

Included are confidential benchmarks to plan your cities development, and also for investors to measure cities. Data in the report is based on 500+ cities tracked by 2thinknow City Benchmarking Data (very broad set). Cities that do well may suprise you, as all our data is independent and non-partisan and non-sponsored.

  • For instance the top 6 cities for Fashion Design firms are in 1 country (and it's nto what you would expect).
  • Which New Zealand city is #1 in the world for Instagram?
  • What are the top European cities that you may have never heard of beating big names?
  • Which Latin America city is number #1 globally beating New York in it's category? (nobody would see this coming).

Data tells stories. But 2thinknow data also gives context and hard numerical facts to cities using 2thinknow standard methods (ahead of the market using innovation methodologies).

This is a detailed report, with detailed 2thinknow data-backed Innovation Models, City Benchmarking Data and leading edge innovation analysis.

Such reports are only available for purchase from 2thinknow, or available to our City Subscribers as part of your subscription. These reports are NOT available from anyone else.

Included in the Report are:

Concise, Ready to Go

60 slides total. Present in 1-2 hours. Packed with data which you can select based on global or local relevance or yuse to create your own graphs.

Executive Summary is basic explanation in one slide of concepts for presentation to get management/stakeholder buy-in.

Improvement Model

Share data-backed 2thinknwo City Branding Model to measure and improve performance. Simple enough to understand, but complex enough to add on to and adapt. Can fro example choose to focus on sustainable City Branding or some other brand concept, tailored to a cities message.

For investors, the Improvement Model can be used to build Quant Models for comparing cities. 2thinknow can provide an additional turnkey service on this, or video advice.

Advice can also be gathered through video calls outright or is include in City subscriptions.

Detailed assistance is available as a City Workshop.

Data Point Measures

Data Points in detail (with data points rankings) tied to City Branding measures.

This includes detailed rankings of top global and regional cities for each Data Point.

2thinknow Target Benchmarks

Want to improve your cities City Brand?

Based on our full 500 cities data set and complementary data points, we suggest the Target Benchmarks cities need to plan to imrpove right now.

Also, for investors these can be used as rules of thumb in site location.

Other Advice

Supporting products include an optional support call, which is included in our City Packages.

Buy this Report if:

You need to know how to measure, build or improve a city brand.

Or if you need to know how to comapre competing city brands for investment.


This report is confidential, the data is not widely distributed or analysed. Each report is watermarked in a way that and illegal distribution will receive a please take down request. Meaning the information is not widely available.

Cities that purchase the report are licensed to share only their OWN global ranking or regional ranking.Businesses purchasers can share data internally.

Other licenses are available upon request after purchase.

Report Format

In slides. 61 slides with graphics.

Sent Via Email

To ensure valid orders -- reports are emailed within 24-48 hours after order payment is processed.


Include a video call or video conference with this report for a personal or group briefing from the lead analysts.

Other Ways to Obtain this Report

Please note cities that subscribe to our Innovation Cities Packages receive this report according to our rotating schedule.

If you have any inquiries or are from a library please contact us.

Cities Mentioned

3590 cities are mentioned in this report covering all major cities. 500+ were assessed by 2thinknow.