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City Benchmarking Data: City Indicators


Product Description

Select a number of cities for any given Standard City Indicator.

Cities can be specified after purchase from this Excel file list.

Pricing is for a single Indicator comparing your chosen number of cities.

Orders of 30 or more Cities include a FREE analyst video walkthrough of the data via Zoom or Teams!

Select cities. Choose as many cities you like from 500 major benchmarked cities listed in Innovation Cities Index.

Select indicators. Any of 162 standard indicators available for you to select from.

Each Indicator contains:

  • 2thinknow Simplified Benchmark Score - 0 to 5 benchmark score measured across whole data set
  • Global Rank - Rank for city within indicator based on algorithmic scoring against 2thinknow criteria
  • Data Points - this product contains multiple standard Data Points by 2thinknow to derive score and rank.

Purchase this product to get access to Indicators used in the Innovation Cities Index or assess the ranking of your city.

Format - Data is written in identical Excel format for ease of use.

License - Limited. Can be shared with a single client.

More - Part of the most comprehensive city data set available, view the dedicated resource site: www.citybenchmarkingdata.com

If you have questions, please contact us for a Proposal with multiple indicators and cities.


This product used to be referred to as a 'Comparative City Data-set [CCD]'.