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City Scorecard with Indicators


Product Description

City Scorecard allows you to track the progress of your change initiatives at the City Level versus the Innovation Cities Index.

There are 3 steps:

Select Focus Theme

Any focus theme is ok: smart cities, liveability, sustainability, diversity, parking and roads, technology.

Look at our standard indicators, and select any that fit your focus theme (s).

Select Benchmark Cities

Select any number of Benchmark cities. You can choose any cities from 500 cities.

For Scorecard Type - you can also choose Basic - sufficient for most uses  or Interactive if you wish to assign different weights to the Indicators.

All City Scorecards will arrive in convenient Excel format for ease of use by all.

Order Online

Order the correct quantity online and your City Scorecard will be with you in 7-14 days.

Once ordered will contact you to confirm the chosen indicators and cities, any changes you need.