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Data Points (Extended Cities List)


Product Description

Pricing is for ONE selected Data Point, MANY selected Cities.

Do you need Data Points to Compare Cities?

All Data is available with 2thinknow.

  1. Simply select the Data Point from Drop Down Above (search for it here on www.citybenchmarkingdata.com for all Data Points and definitions).
  2. Then the Number of Cities needed in drop down above. Checkout and Pay.
  3. Once you do that we will send you an email with an Excel file where you can select cities.

Your data will be refreshed to the latest available data, triple-checked and shipped via email in a few days. Simple.

Data Points above are available for both the:

Focus Cities List and the Extended Cities List (Download in Excel here).

Frequently Asked Data Questions

Is there any chance data is not available for my cities?

In the unlikely event data is not available, and a reasonable Analyst Estimate not possible, you will not be charged for that city.

Where have I seen 2thinknow City Benchmarking Data?

Reports have been been published from our data in all sort of places, recently at CES Las Vegas (the world's biggest annual tech show) by Deloitte, IESE Cities in Motion (leading business school), Savills (Property Investment), PWC, JLL, Tech Insider and many more.

How do others use Data Points from City Benchmarking Data by 2thinknow?

Many people use Data Points for deciding where to make or sell products or services, compare cities for living in, trading with, doing business in or investing. For consultants using our data is much higher value, lower cost, than doing your own research --allowing you to charge for the advice not the grunt work. Some others use Data Points for academic research or to create city rankings. The uses are endless.

What is included in a Data Point by City Benchmarking Data?

Data Points are provided with Value, Units, Source and Analyst Notes (if needed). Analyst Notes explain any anomalies.

What guarantee do I have City Benchmarking Data is error free?

All City Benchmarking Data by 2thinknow comes with a Data Guarantee where we investigate and replace data free of charge if you have any queries. The guarantee period is 30 days for smaller orders.

How am I licensed to use Data Points from City Benchmarking Data by 2thinknow?

In any way where you don't publish or share online the raw data in a way that is accessible to others. You can share data with a single client (if a consultant for example).

Data can be heavily disguised in an Index. However, other Use Cases you may need to contact us for a Proposal.