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Innovation Analysis - Special In-Depth Long Form Report


Product Description

Custom Innovation Analysis Report (Asia) by 2thinknow (as seen in over 10000 media articles as at 2017).

Sections included:

  1. Overview Details with Expert Analysis by 2thinknow
  2. Analysis of Innovation in Industry
  3. Analysis of Innovation in Location
  4. Overall Analysis
  5. Conclusion to Research Questions

There are 2 Options customers can choose.

1. Innovation Eco-System of Location

This report enables you to understand an locations potential for innovation, by examining your chosen cities innovation eco-system. Start-ups, patents, research facilities, commercialisation, and other facilities are examined in detail using the best available discount. This report is around 400 slides, created by 2thinknow.

You can choose up to 10 cities and 10 indicators.

2. Innovation Industry Analysis Deep-Dive

This is detailed industry analysis across many locations.  This is 380-450 slides plus a PDF document of supporting material. Also included in the Deep-Dive is the entire report in PowerPoint slide format, for your convenience. At the time of writing this is included as a free bonusfor customers.

You can choose 1 segment (industry) and 50 cities.

About the reports

This is a professional consulting report, written by our analysts, who have access to extensive City Benchmarking Data, other databases and specialist research skills.

Recent customers include leading corporations from the Fortune 500 as well as consulting firms.

All slides are professional designed and completed by 2thinknow analysts with highest-level degrees from Australian and European universities.


30-45 days or by otherwise arrangement. Will be uploaded or emailled directly to you.