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Innovation Cities Analysis Report -- Library Pack


Product Description

For libraries. Ideal for students or those researching city innovation and disruption.

All major releases of the Innovation Cities Analysis report in Print &/or eBook since 2007 for your university or corporate library.

Releases: Included are all major releases of the report since 2007. These reports are perfect for historical comaprison and tracking the progress of innovation. They contain a complete set of major milestones in 2thinknow analysis of cities. At current this is 9 major releases.

For management libraries, university libraries, etc. While the framework section remains very similar since 2009, the primary change is the expanded and ongoingly updated analysis section of each release, including Trend predictions.

This product includes PDF ebook and all major Printed editions

Printed Copies: Each report release contains from 80 (2007)-160+ pages, large format lie-flat spiral wire A4, for airplane reading or sliding into a briefcase or binder.

We also include an archival copy of each report in case of damage to your copy. We suggest you keep this in the Reserved (non loan) section.

Shipping is included in the price.

eBooks for Specific Locations

For Libraries in USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, UK an eBook Copy will be shipped as well in your preferred format (Provided you send us details of your library eBook system, and copyright protections)

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