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Innovation Cities™ : City Package -- Silver


Product Description

The Innovation Cities: Silver Service Package is a product for cities.

Your city will enjoy full access to City Benchmarking Data for one city, detailed monthly and annual analyst reports in electronic format and video analyst briefings, for a full year.

This service package provides the top-level analyst support you need to grow and improve your cities own innovation economy, and is a special value bundle for cities only at steep discount to individual product pricing, to help your city innovate.

The package is ongoing and includes monthly updates on Innovation Cities, Smart Cities and everything else you need to know to improve your city.

Target Audience: City Mayors, Urban professionals, Export Development Agencies, Economic Development.

Your Gold service package provides our top level of innovation services, including:

Innovation Cities™ Index Preview for Your City

2thinknow has a special offer for the city packages. With the Gold city package, an advance version of the Annual Innovation CitiesTM Index will be included before it goes public. This could be a great advantage for your city or organisation as you can get the press releases ready before the launch of the Innovation CitiesTM Index.

Given the Index has received over 10,000 news articles over 10 years, this alone is a lot of value.

DATA: Complete Data on Your City

Full Single City Data-set data for your city or any one city of your choice. This enables you to benchmark you city against other cities. Includes all data, slides, graphs and other data from our analysts for any city on this list.

This includes the full Single City Data-set of indicators.

You will be able to email us your chosen city after checkout.

Timely Data Updates on Your City

Annual Update to your single city data-set either pre-Index or post-Index.

Monthly Reports New in 2017-2018 on Your City

12 Special Reports you can use to promote your city

Innovation Cities Analysis Report [General Summary]

1-2 releases of the Innovation Cities Analysis Report. Issued in PDF form for your ease of reference.

Mailed with 5 printed copies of the latest version of the report.

Includes extremely accurate trend analysis since 2007 for internal planning including the GFC, protectionism and other major shifts.

Check and Correct Data on Your City

Once you get an advanced copy of the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report, you can submit examples, case studies and evidence with urls to improve your city’s score in the Index.

Note there are evidential requirements, and not all data submitted is suggested. Data must be verifiable to be accepted. Data is used to update our own data where the source is more current or better e.g. your own data platform or internal data.

Annual Phone Conference on Your City

Annual phone briefing on your city from our Innovation Cities™ analysts and/or Director.

Email Analyst Briefing on Your City

Email briefing and question and answer sessions from our Innovation Cities™ analysts.

Innovation Service Discounts

As a valuable service package subscriber, you receive a further service discounts on any further training, analyst report or consulting services delivered by our analysts.

The value of the above exceeds 200% of the asking price, making this annual bundle great value.




For more information, please visit www.innovation-cities.com/packages.

Other Details

Single City Data-set [SCD]:
Number of Cities in SCD:
Number of Indicators [SCD]:
Data Format:
Number of Graphs in SCD:
Number of Power Point Slides in SCD:
One Page City Dashboard PDF Summary:
Planned Data Updates per Year:
Submit Corrections to Data:
1 x per year
Explanatory SCD Guide:
Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report:
1-2 per year
Print Copies of Report:
Historical Past Releases of the Report:
Annual Innovation Cities™ Index Ranking Updates:
3-7 days prior to release
Historical 3 Factors Index Ranking:
Past Year
Senior Analyst City Visit Briefing:
Senior Analyst Q&A Session:
Analyst Annual Video Briefings:
Analyst Annual Phone Briefing:
Analyst Email Support:
4 scheduled per year
Other Services Discount:
Index City Result Certificate:
Index City Trophy: