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The Innovation Course: Products or Services [Full team Fixed Price]


Product Description

Our core innovation course for businesses everywhere looking to create Product or Service Innovation.

Yes, for your team 3 days full-on, hands-on workshop to create real new products or services within your industry constraints.

Your team attending this innovation training course will learn how to create product and service innovations at the implementation and management level.

Ideal for professionals from Innovation Specialists, Product Development, Mid-Managers, Operations, Marketing, Creatives, and General Managers.

Your teams will have fun learning how to create innovation from first idea creation to communication and implementation. It’s end to end innovation!

Features unique only to 2thinknow

Expert Training: Innovation expert and industry experienced specialist

Case Studies: Select specific case studies tailored to your industry

Slides: Industry specific tailored slides

Data: Industry specific city and national data. Only 2thinknow has access to City Benchmarking Data.

Clients who book through 2thinknow direct can sign off on slide content prior.

Course Inclusions

Also, included:

  • Qualified Senior Trainer
  • Comprehensive printed manuals
  • Access to Industry Trends
  • Access to Industry Case Studies
  • Delivery at your office
  • International English
  • Full Q&A With Your Trainer

2thinknow Vendor Certification

Most importantly, 2thinknow Offer full Vendor Certification for all attendees.

This is a closed course for your team, so all ideas will stay in the Course - as real as it gets.

Best of all, a certain Fixed Group Price

The price quoted for this course is fixed for a maximum of 25 participants. The only exclusion is the venue and catering (which needs to be provided by you, or we can recommend a venue partner to you).

Next Steps To Book:

1. This course can be booked online for locations listed above and paid for online over 30 days ahead of time.

We will usually be able to guarantee a choice of 2 or 3 dates this way for most locations (as long as you have the venue).

2. OR, 2thinknow can also send a Proposal and invoice at the same price to you. You can contact us to do this.

Note if your country is not clearly listed above (or its a regional area) you will need to book via option 2.


Other Details

3 days
Case Studies:
Topic Specific
Group Price:
Certificate of Completion or Attendance
General Innovation
Your Office or Boardroom
Minimum Attendees:
Recommended Attendees:
Maximum Attendees: